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   TPS360° Predicta360

Predicta360™ Goes Beyond Hiring.

Product Range: Core Select™ ,Core Select Plus™, Core Coach™, Core Check™, Core Develop™, Core Culture™, Core Team™
  • A unique and personalized online tool that can be used for both salaried and hourly employees and productive management.
  • Provides opportunity for sustained interaction with employees at an individual and team level.
  • Promotes personal and career growth for employees by maximizing their potential and setting a career path.
  • Simultaneous access to various types of employee reports across levels and functions, making it cost effective, relevant and transformational.
  • Facilitates the coaching process for behavioral development.
  • Helps executives to analyze existing company culture, focus on existing strengths and address areas needing improvement.
  • Helps managers promote continuous employee development.
  • Can be used as an effective self development tool.
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